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Elizabeth Matheson on Photographing Place

Hillsborough photographer Elizabeth Matheson describes why she likes to photograph places and landscapes.

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NCMA_AOGTH_Chad Dezern_DoorsofJerusalem (Source)

Chad Dezern uses a permanent object in the NCMA collection to relate to Game Design.

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NCMA_AOGTH_Chad Dezern_Collaboration (Source)

Collaboration happens in all aspects of game desgin.

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NCMA_AOGTH_Chad Dizern_Flowcharts (Source)

Chad Dezern on the importance of flow charts and organization of a game.

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NCMA_AOGTH_Chad Dezern_Playtest (Source)

In this talking head Chad discusses the importance of prototyping and playtests.

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NCMA_AoGTH_Iris Chen_Gaming Content Development (Source)

Iris Chen is a Graphic Designer at Sony Network Entertainment International, she decribes content development in this talking head.

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NCMA_AOGTH_Iris Chen_Conceptualizing the Game

Iris Chen explains the importance of simplistic game design.

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NCMA_AOGTH_Chad Dezern_Careers (Source)

Chad Dezern is Studio Director, North Carolina Studio at Insomniac Games. In this video, Chad discusses his career in game design and advises the viewer.

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NCMA_Theodoor Rombouts_The Backgammon Players

Object Number: GL.57.2.1

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NCMA_AOGTH_Iris Chen_CharacterDesign 2 (Source)

Iris Chen talks about character design and character attributes in this takling head.

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NCMA_AOGTH_Welcome Students_Game Design (Source)

Welcome video for game design students.

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